Jay Crowley Engagement Request Process

Create a New Engagement Request

You have a new project idea, and you need help. Here's how to engage Jay Crowley for expert project management advice.

Request a rough estimation for a project idea that you had a dream about last night. You aren't sure what it means. You have no idea if it's feasible. I will tell you it is not, and what is possible, and charge good money for that expertise.
After you have ignored the finger in the air estimate, and raised money, use this. Get a more in-depth analysis of the work that will need to be performed, and time, resource and funding estimates.
If you have managed to make it past the first two estimate steps, feel free to schedule time to do your work. We will put together a team of experts (mainly college graduates, billed at extortionate rates.) You will need to have approved funding in place!
You've gone ahead and tried to do it yourself. You are stuck. You need my expertise to get out of a bind. Use this for small, short notice tasks or advice. Billed at double!